In the year 2020, e-Commerce platforms saw a great amount of traffic as people were popularly shopping for a wide range of products from the comforts of their home. As a result, new and established online businesses were able to make a good amount of profit and create a name for themselves in the market.

Now, as we have stepped into the New Year, sellers are more motivated more than ever and wish to increase their sales many folds this fiscal year as well. However, the question remains, how? What should be done this year that could make a strong impact on the buyers and bring more people to online stores?

If you too want to be the key ecommerce player this year as well then you must know about the 5 ecommerce trends to implement in 2021.

How 'Buy Now, Pay Later' is helping grow eCommerce sales

Buy Now Pay Later

This is not a new concept and being practiced by many sellers from past few year; however, it is getting adopted more widely now as more and more companies are popping up using this method and retailers are also adopting this payment system. This is why we can expect this trend to grow even further in the year 2021, making it the most preferential way to pay. The method works by spreading the cost of the item over several weeks and months, so that those who can’t afford to buy a particular product today can make the purchase and pay for it on a regular basis until the amount payable is complete. The convenience of shopping using this method definitely leads to more sales.

Shopping Via Social Channels

Large tech companies are venturing into the ecommerce market, such as Instagram and YouTube. Such companies are supporting a lot of sellers who are ready to do their business using their platform. As millennial generation is hooked to social media sites, selling products via this medium opens up various opportunities, tapping the untapped market and more genuine customers with high disposable income. As Instagram shopping is on the rise, many businesses are flourishing through this medium, so this is also something that you must consider in order to increase your sales as well as profits in 2021.

Sustainability is the Key

Buyers today are more focused on brands that work in sync with social responsibilities and offer products that are much more sustainable. Various researches conducted has clearly shown that 87% percent of consumers prefer buying products from companies that offer social and environmental benefit and are also more loyal to such companies. If you don’t have this factor in your business, then it is a high time to make the switch to attract more buyers and enhance brand loyalty among your customers.

Local Shopping Experience

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are now more inclined towards shopping locally, building a stronger community while get full value of their money. So, if you are planning on reaching more customers outside your operating area, then it would be a better option to focus on a more local level as that will give you access to various customers from within your vicinity, further allowing you to deliver the products much faster and also saving substantially on courier charges. When products will be sold more in the local area, sellers can easily turn their business into a well-known brand making future expansion more seamless.

Online Sales Growth is Unstoppable

Omni-channel Shopping Will Trend

Just like 2020, in the year 2021, omni-channel shopping will trend, so you must gear up, create and maintain your presence on several channels and platforms, most importantly on Shopify as it is growing more and more in popularity.

Consumers love to shop via multiple channels and having your presence in more than one platform will work greatly in your benefit.