Ready to upgrade your business with Shopify? Then here are the 5 Shopify tips new store owners need to know in 2021!

5 Shopify Tips New Store Owners Need to Know in 2021

1. Never forget to update your product inventory

Now that you are all set to bring your brand on the digital platform, one can get overwhelmed and starts to add all their shop products on the very first day, but instead of bringing merit to you, it can backlash you on the very starting day of your business.

With digital marketing of your brand, one thing that you need to focus on is to increase the traffic on your brand’s website in order to generate more revenue for your business.

And if you want Google to notice your brand, you need to be regular with your updates.

So, add less than fifty products to your product inventory every alternate day or every week as this will keep your brand’s website more active, and also, the viewers will not get bored crawling through the hundreds of the products on the website.

2. Be transparent; add company policies at the footer

Trust me– no audience is interested in shopping from an online store that hides their company policies from them. No matter how budget-friendly and quality product you are selling to the audience, if they cannot find the return policies in case of getting a defective product on shipping, they are guaranteed not going to buy your product.

So, it is always a good idea to show all your policies at the footer of the website on every page, and gladly you don’t have to think about how to create those by yourself as you can easily modify or take the one in your Shopify admin.

3. Choose between bargain-brand or a reputable brand

You have definitely come across different products with the pricing of .99 or .97 cents at the end, well that has proven to be an effective way of positioning your brand as a bargain, but you are more interested in appearing your brand as reputable rather than a bargain, then add solid pricing with your products.

By adding cents to your product’s pricing, in the end, it will look more affordable in the eyes of the viewers, and a solid whole number pricing seems more professional as compared to your competitors.

And if you want to add decimals to your product’s pricing, then you can simply do it with Shopify setting, like this: –

Settings>General>Store Currency>Change Formatting,

and choose from decimal or no decimal option.

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4. Getting your text logo right

However, it may not be a necessity, but having a text logo for your brand will make your brand look more trustable among the viewers.

It takes a lot of thinking and commitment to decide on your brand’s name or logo, and if you have decided to create your own logo without having any great design skills in your hand, then don’t worry; instead of focusing on designing an impactful or charming logo in the first try, it is better to focus more on maintaining the basic algorithm in your logo.

You can always change your brand’s logo anytime (we have seen many reputed companies do so from time to time, right!).

Make sure that your logo image is of high resolution, and thus, it is always a better option to go with text logos for the first try.

Also, if you don’t want that weird white box to be seen around your logo, then make sure you download the image in .jpg format.

5. Are you customizing your theme? Don’t overdo it!

Shopify allows their users to customize the theme in whatever way they want, but that doesn’t make it the best choice to do so!

Instead of wasting your time on customizing the theme, it is better to go with the existing one and modify it with your brand’s images and content (trust the professional designer on this).